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  • Executive Team

    Michael WagstaffMichael Wagstaff

    CEO Kentucky Operations and Chairman of the Board

    Michael served in several previous roles at Wagstaff before being named CEO of Kentucky Operations. Those included Plant Engineering and Maintenance Manager, and 10 years as Area Sales Manager for Eastern USA. In 2002, Michael moved to Northern Kentucky from Spokane to rejuvenate Wagstaff’s satellite manufacturing operations there. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Idaho and later, in 2009, earned his MBA from Northern Kentucky University.


    Barb ParkesBarbara Wagstaff Parkes


    Barbara is the President of Wagstaff, Inc.  Barbara began her career at Wagstaff in the drafting department as a young intern learning the intricacies of CNC machine programming. From there, through education and experience, she worked her way through a number of positions requiring increasing responsibility and authority. Prior to being named President, Barbara was instrumental in finance and board leadership for over 10 years, while also serving as head of the Payroll department.


    Barb ParkesKevin Person


    Kevin has been with Wagstaff since 1998, serving in three roles, Applications Engineering Manager, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing, and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to that, Kevin worked for Kaiser Aluminum for 21 years in a variety of engineering and managerial roles.



    Ken ParkesKen Parkes


    Ken has been with Wagstaff since 1986, working in the Finance department up to 2001 when he was named the CFO.  He has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Eastern Washington University and a Masters in International Management from Whitworth University.



    Mike AndersonMike Anderson

    Vice President - Research and Development

    Mike joined Wagstaff in 1992 as a Technical Service Engineer after working 7 years in the electronics industry. It wasn't long before he accepted the assignment to head up the Quality Department during the initial ISO 9001 certification process. With that project successfully completed, Mike went on to work as a Research Engineer, Technical Service Manager, and ultimately as Vice President of Research & Development, which he has done for the last 15 years. Mike holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Idaho.


    Steve Anderson

    Steve Anderson

    Vice President - Sales and Marketing

    Steve brings 20 years’ experience in engineering, design, and sales of Wagstaff equipment to his role of leading the Sales and Marketing team. With a great depth of experience in electrical R&D, production, customer service, and engineering management, Steve’s leadership is rooted in the founders’ standards of quality and customer satisfaction, and is sharply focused on outstanding collaboration with customers. Steve holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Business Management from Washington State University.


    Mike MegaardMike Megaard

    Corporate Secretary and Commercial Contracts Counsel

    Mike began working with Wagstaff as outside counsel in 1986 and joined Wagstaff as in-house counsel in 2002. Since then, Mike has worked as legal counsel and as manager of legal related functions for Wagstaff in several capacities, currently focused on corporate secretary duties and oversight of Wagstaff commercial contracts. 

    Wagstaff, Inc.
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