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  • SCC CNC/Machining Scholarship


    Are you interested in computers? Have you been looking for a career opportunity that will allow you to build things with your hands and run high-tech equipment? Have you been looking for a a way to earn a degree without amassing debt? Spokane Community College has the opportunity for you!


    This opportunity is open to students enrolled in the Machinist/CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Technology program at Scc for fall quarter 2019. Students must have a 2.0 GPA or higher to be eligible.

    This scholarship opportunity will award four students and is awarded on a first come, first served basis, so make sure to get your application in as soon as possible!


    This scholarship is made possible in partnership with Avista and Altek.

    For information about the scholarship, please contact

    Jen Reynolds, Alumni and Scholarship Relations Manager, at jen.reynolds@ccs.spokane.edu or 509-434-5128.



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