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    The Wagstaff® AutoCast™ Automated Casting Control System monitors and controls crucial parameters during billet and ingot production to eliminate variances in the complex casting process. Casting operations that achieve precise and repeatable measurement and control produce a more consistent, quality end product. Wagstaff integrates years of process expertise with high quality, industrially proven control devices and technologies into the AutoCast control system to create an environment of repeatability and consistency in the casthouse.

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    AutoCast Features and Benefits

    The AutoCast™ system is designed to customer specific requirements. All basic AutoCast systems include automated control of critical casting parameters:

    • Mold cooling water flow rate
    • Casting speed and cast length
    • Billet Casting Gas
    • Mold lubrication

    Other standard AutoCast™ system features include industry proven control components, graphical HMI with text in native language, and is easily adapted to include a SCADA system

    • Improved pit recovery, product quality and pit productivity due to repeatability cast to cast
    • Less operator intervention in cast operations; improved safety for operators
    • Simple creation, editing, and storage of casting practices through graphical HMI
    • Consistent use of HMI graphics across all platforms (e.g. PanelView and SCADA)
    • Robust PLC programming and algorithms for a smooth commissioning process and reliable ongoing operation
    • Distributed controls minimize field wiring
    • Speed characteristics are linear for consistent start speeds and ease of control
    • High speed Ethernet communication allows for implementation of SCADA software for data collection, trending and report generation
    • Remote technical support via high speed internet connection

    AutoCast Options

    • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System. SCADA also available with language switching texts for HMI
    • Furnace tilt control / monitoring with laser sensor trough metal level measuring device
    • Grain refiner control (rod feeder supplied)
    • Furnace and metal treatment monitoring
    • Digital message display (wall mounted)
    • Pit water level control
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply
    • Water Filtration


    Why Choose Wagstaff?

    • More than 70 years serving aluminum producers
    • Decades of research and development by industry leaders
    • Industry standard – “Wagstaff Billets” are requested by extruders around the world
    • More than 1,100 systems sold
    • Integration to Wagstaff ShurCast Casting Machines and AutoCast Casting Control Systems
    • World-class after sales service and support 

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