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    Ingot Mold Metal Level Control Technologies


    From automated systems to simple mechanical devices, Wagstaff offers a metal level control technology to suit your needs.

    The precise control of the metal level in ingot molds is a necessity in the efficient casting of aluminum ingots, influencing safety of the process, equipment longevity, and product quality.  Wagstaff offers a variety of sensors and actuators to reliably perform this function with the highest level of accuracy.

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    Wagstaff Metal Control Actuator with LMI Gocator 2345 Castline Laser Sensor

    The Wagstaff mold metal level controller with LMI Gocator 2345 Castline laser sensor provides precise measuring device with a small footprint for measuring the level of molten metal in the ingot mold bore.  The compact, versatile mounting capabilities allow for flexibility in mold sizes and advanced molten metal level measurement not achieved in other applications.

    The Gocator family of smart sensors provide laser-focused precision that allow for a high level of accuracy and reliability.  The proprietary electronic control card provides the necessary signal conditioning for the mold metal level signal as well as sensor temperature monitoring.

    The mold metal level controller includes a separate metal flow control valve actuator with approximately 40 mm stroke.



    Wagstaff Metal Flow Control Valve Actuator with Wagstaff Inductive Sensor

    The Wagstaff mold metal level controller with inductive sensor provides a robust, reliable way to measure molten metal in the mold bore.  This sensor combines the proven technology of the Wagstaff inductive MMLC with pin positioner in a smaller, lighter, more functional, and easier to use sensor package than Wagstaff's previous inductive sensor/actuator bundles.  The versatile separated sensor and actuator arrangement improves the ease of maintenance and setup, enables level sensing into smaller mold sizes, and provides an extended measuring range of 304.8 mm.


    Wagstaff Steady-Eddy

    The Wagstaff Steady-Eddy mold metal level control device is ideal for less demanding ingot casting applications.  The Steady-Eddy incorporates a four-bar mechanism that produces near linear movement of the float in the mold.  This type of mechanism reduces the error created when the float does not move vertically in the mold cavity.  The pivot points have stainless steel shoulder bolts and bearings with a very low coefficient of friction.  After a steady state setting is achieved, the pin preset position can be easily set, and allows for hands-off control thereafter.

    Floats and Spouts

    For an economical and simple operation, floats and spouts can be used to control the metal level in ingot molds.  This application is effective when low metal levels are not required.

    Optional Accessories

    Wagstaff offers a variety of optional devices and accessories to make your casting system safer, more reliable, and more efficient.  These devices include:

    • Heated Control Pins
    • MMLC Test Stand
    • Spout Heaters
    • Skim Dams
    • Bag Primers

    Why Choose Wagstaff?

    • More than 70 years of successful service to aluminum producers

    • Decades of industry-leading research and development

    • More than 250 custom installations worldwide

    • Seamless integration with Wagstaff ShurCast Casting Machines and AutoCast Casting Control Systems

    • World-class and worldwide after-sales service and support 

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